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Inspire trust, be more efficient and organize your sensitive documents into a secured online data room

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Security Features

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We implemented Enterprise Graded Security features so that you can enjoy our product with peace of mind

Prevent data breaches by allowing your sensitive files to be transferred and stored without risk
Single Sign On
We run SOC 2 Enforce security and ease of use by reducing login to one set of credentials II audits on a yearly basis
Multi-factor authentication
Use our 2 factor authentication to guarantee the identity of your members

Innovative User Experience

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We worked with dataroom users to identify their pain points and ensure we implement the most fluent experience

Direct import
Populate your data room by direclty importing your files from existing tools to Blackroom, saving you hours of fastidious work.
Bulk Rename
Select all the folders and files you need and rename them in seconds, all at once, directly in the data room. No need to do it outside!
Online & Offline Modes
Switch between live and sandbox workspaces instantly

Seamlessly collaborative

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We understand how critical collaboration is in a data room: benefit from modern workflows to monitor your workspace

Roles & Group Management
Segment access to the right files, stage document views depending on the progress made in the funnel
Easily visualize who viewed, read, modified, downloaded or printed. Get a clear understanding of your members interest
Questions & Answers
Get notified where buyers ask their question at the word level and answer straight away.

at core

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We believe AGI is here to stay so we embedded it from scratch to optimize your most time-consuming tasks

Bulk Redact
Use our AI powered engine to redact the entities you have to blackline in bulk, accross your entire data room workspace
Get a summary of lenghthy documents with key outputs by the click of a button
Full Search
Find what you need not only at the title level but anywhere in the documents stored in your workspace

Data Room
Must Haves

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Beyond security functionnalities and enhanced innovative features, we respected the must have standards

Set up in 2 minutes
Create your first workspace in a few minutes, on your own time!
Multiple Deals
Dealing with several deals at the same time? Create hermetic workspaces with specific sets of roles and permissions for each.
Our team is available to answer any question by email, chat and phone to help you get the best experience.

Find out what our early adopters say

"When I sold my previous company, I found the dataroom sotfware quite ugly, not intuitive and too expensive for what it was. With Blackroom, we have a user-friendly experience and innovative features that make the whole M&A process easier."

Loic M.
Loic M.
Entrepreneur, Investor

"We need a dataroom that automates fastidious tasks. As simple as a Google Drive, but better organized. Blackroom does it can't wait for the launch!"

Matthew T.
Matthew T.

"Traditional datarooms have complex features that require a long learning curve. It's a painful experience, especially for boutiques with limited staff. Blackroom is easy to use and focuses on what matters most."

Xavier R.
Xavier R.

"Our analysts struggle with existing datarooms. Blackroom is a perfect fit for a M&A boutique like ours"

Julian L.
Julian L.
Partner, M&A boutique

"Amazing features! Bulk redact will revolutionize our days!"

Nick H.
Nick H.
M&A Analyst

At Blackroom, we believe in combining both a customer-centric and a product-centric approach.

Feel free to send us your feedbacks or features ideas!

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