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CEOs and investors from companies of all sizes trust blackroom to structure their M&A dataroom in a secured way

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Secured workspace for all your confidential projects.

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to set up your dataroom

Sign up, choose your project name and be up and running to start working on your project and upload your documents!

100% secured

Encryption, SOC2 & SSO

Your projects are sensitive. We have implemented enterprise grade security features to make sure they stay secured.

70% gain

in time spent

Dataroom users spend more than 3 days per week on tedious tasks. We’ve decreased this number by 70% thanks to innovation.

A next generation data room tailored for your needs

Whether you’re on the sell-side, buy-side or an advisor, Blackroom will help you accelerate your confidential projects.

For startup Founders

Be prepared for any due diligence process

For Bankers & Advisors

Easily deal with multiple M&A within one single tool

For Corporates

Gain efficiency by centralizing your sensitive projects

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"When I sold my previous company, I found the dataroom sotfware quite ugly, not intuitive and too expensive for what it was. With Blackroom, we have a user-friendly experience and innovative features that make the whole M&A process easier."

Loic M.
Loic M.
Entrepreneur, Investor

"We need a dataroom that automates fastidious tasks. As simple as a Google Drive, but better organized. Blackroom does it can't wait for the launch!"

Matthew T.
Matthew T.

"Traditional datarooms have complex features that require a long learning curve. It's a painful experience, especially for boutiques with limited staff. Blackroom is easy to use and focuses on what matters most."

Xavier R.
Xavier R.

"Our analysts struggle with existing datarooms. Blackroom is a perfect fit for a M&A boutique like ours"

Julian L.
Julian L.
Partner, M&A boutique

"Amazing features! Bulk redact will revolutionize our days!"

Nick H.
Nick H.
M&A Analyst

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